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Got To Be Time


have got to. necessity. 1. People have got to be on time if they want to get a seat in the crowded theater. 2. SHIFT TO "HAVE TO". You had to be on time if you wanted to get a seat in the crowded theater. 3. You have got to be there on time tonight if you want to get a seat in the crowded theater.

 · Time was simply created by God as a limited part of His creation for accommodating the workings of His purpose in His disposable universe (see 2 Peter ). Upon the completion of His creation activity, including the creation of time, what did God conclude? “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good” (Gen ).

 · The Runner’s High Vol. 8: Be Your Own Hero. miles. That is the distance that Belgian runner Karel Sabbe covered over 75 hours earlier this month during the Big’s Backyard Ultra World Championship. Just over 3 days of running.

 · You got too much pride, lil' baby. I ain't have time yesterday. But today I got time, lil' baby. 'Cause you've been up on my mind, lil' baby. I really think you mines, lil' baby. Hope you shine.

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