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Dyers Eve

 · “Dyer’s Eve”, one of the thrashiest tracks on And Justice For All, is its closer. It takes the format of an angry, accusatory letter penned by the hand of a child whose fragile psyche was.

Dyers Eve is the ninth and final song from the album And Justice for All, written by James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and Kirk Hammett. This song is about a child being protected from the outside world by their mother and father, only to find out that the world is a cruel place after reaching.

 · Dyers Eve Written By Hetfield/Ulrich/Hammett Dear Mother Dear Father What is this hell you have put me through Believer Deceiver Day in, day out, live my life through you Pushed onto me what's wrong or right Hidden from this thing that they call life Dear Mother Dear Father Every thought I'd think you'd disapprove Curator Dictator Always.

5/5 - Dyers Eve is great!! Adam from Yarmouth, Me This song is very good and I am sorry for James loses. see more comments. More Songfacts: GirlDestiny's Child. Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams wrote "Girl" for Kelly Rowland as an encouragement for her to end her relationship with a verbally and physically abusive boyfriend.

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