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This Is Where We Part

Advertisement: This is the part where we describe the topic. Used by Genre Savvy characters to point out that, if this were a movie, a trope would be coming into play right about now, or just to show how well they know the other character (s) in the scene. Sometimes, but not always, they are proven right.

 · Lee: “We know that now, but like again, I think there is still this big mistrust and like it's deep-rooted.” Veritas Journalist: “Yeah. Can’t blame them [African Americans].” Lee: “I can’t. But at the same time, like, blow dart. That’s where we’re going.”.

 · The words "were," "we're," and "where" are easily confused because they have similar sounds and spellings. They are not homophones—words that have the same sounds or spellings—and their meanings and uses are quite different. "Were" (rhymes with "fur") is a past form of the verb "to be." "We're" (rhymes with "fear") is a contraction of "we are.".

 · As the fovea is the most essential part of the retina for human vision, protective mechanisms for avoiding bright light and especially ultraviolet irradiation damage are essential. For, if the delicate cones of our fovea are destroyed we become blind. Fig. Ophthalmoscopic appearance of the retina to show macula lutea. Fig.

To separate or depart (from one); to stop associating (with one). Though we'd all been close on the school trip, we parted ways with one another once we were back home. John and Bill parted ways following their disagreement about the band's style of music. See also: part, way.

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